The Scar Spangled Banner

NeoCon Karaoke, with plenty of links:   O-man, Philippines, Indian genocide Guatemala, Japan, Panama, Puerto Rico Uruguay and Iraq, Lebanon and Kuwait, Micronesia, Greece, and of course Yugoslavia Argentina, Iran, and the island of Guam, Cambodia, Laos, Hungary and Cuba Morocco, Algeria, France and Angola El Salvador (twice), and the Virgin Islands.   Italy … Continue reading The Scar Spangled Banner


Hello Muddah; Hell, Obama

  By Panopticon   with apologies to Allan Sherman & Lou Busch   1. Play music   2. Sing!   3. Click the links. CLICK. THE. LINKS.   [MUSIC]   Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, Here I am in ~ Array-bia We’ve brought dollars ~ to invest in All the nice things that we take an interest in … Continue reading Hello Muddah; Hell, Obama

‘Twas The Night Before Brexit

‘Twas The Night Before Brexit   By Panopticon   'Twas the night before Brexit, the happy day when Great Britain becomes independent again; the buntings were hung, the Lambrini on ice, as our country prepared for this new paradise when we cast off the yoke of a union never agreed or signed up to - … Continue reading ‘Twas The Night Before Brexit

From The BBC script archives

From the BBC script archives:   THE TWO RUSSIANS AP: Good evening! It’s nice to be with you again, isn’t it Ruslan? RB: Yes it is Alexander, and in a packed programme tonight we’ll be hearing from the director of Porton Down, who tells us he is confident that security there is so tight, they couldn’t … Continue reading From The BBC script archives

Let’s play ‘Find The Keywords’

Some random but connected articles. Today's keywords are: monster, butcher, NATO, intervention, U.S., Clinton, Israeli, oops. Good luck! SERBIA 26/9/2016: “[Hillary] Clinton supported every one of the last seven U.S. military interventions abroad, plus two others we ended up fighting.” For instance, while First Lady she pushed for U.S. intervention in the Balkans—attacking the … Continue reading Let’s play ‘Find The Keywords’

Knights In White Helmets

By Panopticon With Apologies To The Moody Blues   Knights in white helmets The Israelis will send To the safety of Britain Innocence to pretend   How could you all have missed Evidence we were shown SCD are impostors Their allegiance well-known   ‘Cause he told you Yes she told you Oh how we told … Continue reading Knights In White Helmets