Hello Muddah; Hell, Obama

  By Panopticon   with apologies to Allan Sherman & Lou Busch   1. Play music   2. Sing!   3. Click the links. CLICK. THE. LINKS.   [MUSIC]   Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, Here I am in ~ Array-bia We’ve brought dollars ~ to invest in All the nice things that we take an interest in … Continue reading Hello Muddah; Hell, Obama


Remembering Jasper

A few years ago I bought a framed embroidered postcard for £2 from Skipton flea market, as I thought my wife, who is a needlecraft goddess, would like it.  Out of curiosity I opened the frame and found some faded writing on the back of the card. It was too faint to read but after scanning … Continue reading Remembering Jasper